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Guidelines for Transfer Applicants

A person seeking transfer credits from other educational institutions is considered on an individual basis for admission to the program in nursing. An applicant from non-nursing majors should follow the procedure for admission.

Requirements for Nursing Program Transfers

If the applicant seeks to transfer from another program of nursing, course syllabi and a statement from the nursing program indicating the status of the student at the time of withdrawal are required. An application for admission and an official transcript from the previous school(s) are required. A transfer student with nursing courses must have equivalent grades in both theory and clinical practice comparable to those of the Cooperative Nursing Program. The applicant’s previous educational experience in nursing will determine placement in the nursing program. A transferring student must meet the graduation requirements of the program in nursing.

Level Classification and Academic Requirements

An accepted student will be classified at the appropriate level. A transfer student must meet all prior academic requirements for the level of entrance. Evaluation of nursing courses for transfer credit consideration will be determined by the administrative nursing representative. Evaluation of course credits for General Education Courses and Sciences is the responsibility of the University. Acceptance of nursing courses for transfer credit will be made only for those courses taken during the past three years.

Transfer Credit Limits and Evaluation

Students may transfer up to sixty (60) semester equivalent credits from an accredited two-year institution, seventy (70) semester equivalent credits with an earned Associate Degree, and up to ninety (90) semester equivalent credits from an accredited four-year institution. CLEP scores and Advanced Placement test score will be evaluated for transfer credit. Transfer grades are not computed in a student Cumulative Grade Point Average (Cum-GPA) of the Nursing Program’s official transcripts.

Student is not considered for earned Science course(s) credit of more than 5 years prior to admission unless approved by the Nursing Program Director or Designee. A transferring student who is found to have concealed previous college attendance or credit may be subject to immediate dismissal.

For more details, visit the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing Student Handbook (available online) and review the TRANSFER OF CREDIT POLICY AND PROCEDURE.