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Our holistic curriculum concentrates on:

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Critical Thinking

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You will graduate prepared to serve confidently in a variety of healthcare environments.

Class Size

Intimate and comfortable, our classes are small in size to ensure a highly-engaged learning experience. You will build and exchange knowledge and skills through extensive interactions between students, faculty and staff.

Diploma and Bachelor of
Science in Nursing

In cooperation with University of Saint Francis (USF), St. Elizabeth School of Nursing offers a Diploma-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Cooperative Nursing Program with a curriculum that prepares graduates to become eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN). Since 2015, the average percent of our graduates who passed the NCLEX-RN on the first attempt is 93%. For more details visit our student outcomes.

After successful completion of the examination, the graduate is licensed to practice as a Registered Nurse. To practice in any other state, you must apply for licensure by endorsement and meet the requirements of that state.

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Concept-based Curriculum

Our mission is to prepare nurses to continue Christ’s healing ministry. Our curriculum is concept based. First a student understands the concepts behind nursing practices then applies those concepts to creatively think about diagnosis and treatment.

The foundation of our curriculum’s conceptual framework is the overall mission and core values of the institution.

The core values of our program are:

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Safe and Effective Care

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Clinical Decision Making

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Our nursing courses provide you with a variety of creative and innovative ways to learn. The curriculum integrates active learning strategies allowing students to develop self-awareness, self-direction, critical thinking and reasoning, personal responsibility and professional accountability.

In a Christian atmosphere based on the Franciscan traditions, you will grow personally and professionally in a positive learning environment.

A Progressive,
Layered Foundation

Concept-based curriculum develops from simple to the complex as students learn through active participation in sequential and concurrent learning experiences. Learning is both group and self-paced and students receive individualized attention from the faculty.

Science and Nursing courses are taught in Lafayette, Indiana, and general education courses are online. All nursing courses are taught by St. Elizabeth nursing faculty. University of Saint Francis faculty teach the Sciences and general education courses.

The unit of academic credit is the semester hour. The School of Nursing’s standard semester contains 16 weeks of instruction including final examination.


(End of Program Student Learning Outcomes)

Upon completion of the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing – University of Saint Frances Cooperative Nursing Program, the graduate will utilize the nursing process to:

  1. Integrate evidence based clinical decision making while delivering safe and effective nursing care.
  2. Facilitate compassionate, respectful, and culturally competent relationships.
  3. Exemplify leadership, accountability, and responsibility consistent with established professional, legal, and ethical standards, Franciscan Values, and Catholic social teaching.
  4. Collaborate with healthcare professionals, individuals, families, and communities to promote health.

Program List

Flexibility to Meet your Needs

Our cooperative program requires 120 semester credits. The St. Elizabeth School of Nursing – University of Saint Francis Cooperative Nursing Program offers a flexible schedule of course offerings and sample curriculum plans. This allows you to select a plan of study that meets your desired pace for completion and personal/family needs. Because multiple courses are offered in summer terms, you can select a curriculum plan that mirrors a 3-year diploma program.

You may also choose a more traditional 4-year plan of study. Students who have already earned a baccalaureate or higher degree in another discipline are allowed to complete all program requirements at a pace conducive to their needs (based on review of their transcripts as per the existing transfer of credit policy at STESON and similar process at USF).

Sample curriculum plans are offered to guide you in selecting the pace at which you desire to complete the program. However, you are not forced to declare a particular curriculum plan upon admission. The sample curriculum plans have identical program completion requirements. The sample plans provide flexibility and allow for you to begin one plan of study but, if needed, switch to a different plan.

First-Time Entering Students After August 2021

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We recommend that you submit your admissions application online. Once your online application is received, along with all required transcripts and test scores, your file will be reviewed and our Admissions staff will be in contact.

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