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Class of 2025 Indiana AHEC Scholars Program

The Indiana AHEC Scholars program is part of a national initiative designed for individuals who possess a strong drive to provide care to those living in rural and medically underserved communities across Indiana.

Remembering Our Time at St. Elizabeth

Watch this video to hear Alumni Coral Smith, Toni Bluemke, Mary Vandervolgen-Goldman and Sharron Parker reminisce about the old St. Elizabeth School of Nursing building. We need your help to make the next chapter of our school grow. Leave your legacy in the footprint of the old St. Elizabeth by supporting the St. Elizabeth Garden today!

Ethical Dilemmas

Nurse holding hands with patient

People often choose a career in nursing because they are called to care for others. Part of patient care is making treatment decisions with health and comfort in mind. When choices need to be made, ethics can come into play. Seeking resolution when options are less than ideal can prove even more difficult. Understanding the role ethics and decision-making play is critical to a nurse’s mission.

Nursing Shortage

Exhasted nurse

Demand is overreaching. Burnout is real. Turnover is high. Employers across the US are experiencing a staffing crisis, and the field of nursing is no exception. The strain on administrators and patients is palpable. The critical need to recruit and retain talent also affects patient care. How is the field of nursing coping with the current healthcare climate, and what’s working to combat it?

Sustainability in Healthcare

Nurse looking at data on tablet

Our globalized world faces environmental challenges. It’s not just manufacturing and technology that need to continue going greener. The healthcare industry also contributes to climate change. From clinical research to patient care, the medical field consumes massive amounts of energy, materials and resources. Collaborating to find solutions means a better future for providers, patients and the planet. What do nurses need to know regarding sustainability approaches and making a difference in their corner of the world?

St. Elizabeth Garden

Sketch of garden concept

We are excited to announce the start of the St. Elizabeth Garden. This green space initiative will not only beautify our campus but allow our alumni and friends the opportunity to continue supporting our school while leaving behind a meaningful legacy. Whether you would like to support the St. Elizabeth Garden as an individual, a couple, a family, an alumni class, or in honor of someone else–every donation makes a difference.

The Lady With the Lamp

Florence Nightingale statue

In 2020, the world celebrated Florence Nightingale’s contributions to nursing as part of the Year of the Nurse. Two years later, 2022 has been declared the Year of the Nurse Educator, and, once again, we honor Nightingale’s monumental contributions to the field.

Passing the Torch: Year of the Nurse Educator

Vintage photo of nursing students graduating

The National League for Nursing (NLN) has declared 2022 the Year of the Nurse Educator, stating: “Frontline healthcare workers have been deservedly heralded as heroes during the nearly two-year battle against COVID-19 while, less visibly, nurse educators have made it possible for nurses to deliver everything from lifesaving emergency services to end-of-life care.”

The World Needs More Nurses

Nursing students participating in class activity

There are approximately 28 million nurses in the world, and it’s not nearly enough. With aging populations needing care just as a large chunk of the nursing workforce heads into retirement, the global healthcare system is moving toward a full-blown crisis if more nurses can’t be found in time.