Alumni Spotlight

Published: 09-02-2020
Jody Mathew
For the past nineteen years, St. Elizabeth School of Nursing alumni Jody Mathew has served Greater Lafayette as part of the Franciscan Alliance team. As Director of Nursing Operations at Franciscan Health - Lafayette East, Jody feels called to not only care for patients, but also the nurses she has been called to lead.
Published: 08-26-2020
Emily Weesner Clark
One glance at alumni Emily Weesner Clark’s resume and it is immediately recognizable she chose a career path one might yearn to hear more about. Upon graduating in 2017 from St. Elizabeth School of Nursing, Emily took a position with the Indiana Department of Corrections as an Infectious Diseases Control nurse at a male incarceration facility in Southern Indiana. A Lafayette, Indiana native, Emily finds solace managing animal healthcare on her family’s farm.
Published: 06-29-2020
Tessa Klein
Nursing can take you incredibly far. It is a global practice that is not bound by borders, which is something Tessa Klein, a St. Elizabeth School of Nursing 2019 graduate, learned when she found herself across the pond.
Published: 04-29-2020
Amy Helms
Hailing from Monticello, Indiana, alumni Amy Helms is a clinical resource nurse. She graduated from St. Elizabeth in 1995 and earned her Bachelor of Science in nursing from St. Joseph’s College in 1996. In May 2020, during the early phases of the Coronavirus pandemic, she was named Interim Manager of Inpatient Surgical (3 South/3 West) at Franciscan Health Lafayette East. When choosing a school to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse, Amy knew after investigating several campuses that St. Elizabeth School of Nursing was the perfect fit.
Published: 04-01-2020
Dana Rainwater and Sonja Anderson
The reason aspiring nurses choose to attend St. Elizabeth School of Nursing spans several different areas. For some, it’s the vast clinical experiences that appeals to them. For others, it’s the holistic curriculum to prepare them for the real world. But for sisters Dana Rainwater and Sonja Anderson, it was about continuing a family legacy.
Published: 10-30-2019
Marina and Miranda Bryant
For sisters Marina Spalla and Miranda Bryant, they shared a passion for assisting others which lead them both to the field of nursing.
Published: 10-30-2019
Brenda Murray
Brenda from a very early age had a passion and desire to care for others. Starting with her dolls as a small child, Brenda had always known she would become a Nurse.
Published: 05-15-2019
Ryan Capecci
One of the greatest accomplishments throughout my nursing career has been flying on missions with Grace on Wings. They are a non-profit organization who provides fixed wing medical transportation around the United States.
Published: 04-02-2019
Joan Glick
I was an English major in college and I then went to graduate school to get my Ph.D. in English. I quickly discovered that I wanted to do something else with my life so after working in business for a while, I just decided that I was going to try out nursing school.
Published: 02-15-2019
Carolyn Bessler
As a child of the 60s, we all wanted to make the world a better place. I felt like nursing was my way to do that. It was my avenue to bring peace and love into the world.