Alumni Spotlight

Published: 06-04-2021
Lauren Becker
2014 alumnae Lauren Becker and her fiance, Rob, are happily living a sun-filled life in Naples, Florida. Lauren, an infusion nurse for CVS Health/Coram, is thankful for a career that found her. Get to know Lauren, find out who kept her motivated while cramming for final exams and how years spent providing care and service to women with cancer led her to become a St. Elizabeth nurse.
Published: 05-14-2021
Kristen Louck
Kristen Louck, a 2018 St. Elizabeth School of Nursing alumnae, is a big believer in striving for excellence, community service and advocating for others. A former NICU RN in Lafayette, Kristen is currently studying for her master’s in nursing administration and is the mother of two teenagers. Get to know Kristen, her passion for healthy communities and what led her to answer the call to become a nurse.
Published: 04-27-2021
Dane Standish
Dane Standish, a 2017 graduate of St. Elizabeth School of Nursing, is a big believer RNs must continue opening doors that lead to career opportunities. Learn more about Dane, how he boldly shares his faith with patients and his advice to new nurses.
Published: 04-07-2021
Andrea Polk
Andrea Polk is a 2011 graduate of St. Elizabeth School of Nursing. An alumnae with a varied background, she now serves as a nurse practitioner at the Unity Healthcare Indiana Packers Health Clinic. Spend some time getting to know Andrea, how her role changed during the pandemic and why she’s a big believer in seizing life’s opportunities before they pass you by.
Published: 03-02-2021
Nikki Baker
Within a three-week, deadline-laden window, 2015 St. Elizabeth School of Nursing alumnae Nikki Baker and her Protect Purdue healthcare team—consisting of several St. Elizabeth faculty and fellow graduates—tested 36,000 West Lafayette students and staff for COVID-19. Without this massive effort, the university would have remained shuddered in the fall of 2020. No small feat indeed, yet Nikki was prepared thanks to her determination and the St. Elizabeth education that launched her into nursing.
Published: 02-10-2021
Caley Bender
In 2016, six months after becoming a CT Scan Technologist, Caley Bender realized a desire for deeper connections with her patients and began researching the field of nursing. Caley graduated from St. Elizabeth School of Nursing in 2019 and accepted a position in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Franciscan Health Lafayette East. Like so many of our recent graduates, Caley was reassigned to care for COVID patients when the pandemic hit Greater Lafayette. Learn more about Caley’s journey to becoming a nurse, her role during the early days of fighting the virus and how one of our very own St. Elizabeth advisors made all the difference in Caley’s decision to enroll.
Published: 12-02-2020
Shelbi Madison
After graduating in December of 2019, Shelbi Madison accepted a position at Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis. January 13, 2020 was Shelib’s first day on the job. She was assigned to a three-floor, 144-bed, surgical aftercare unit. Less than two months after finding her rhythm within her new occupation, COVID arrived. Learn how Shelbi’s role shifted during the pandemic, what she loves most about being a nurse and why she’s thankful for her St. Elizabeth School of Nursing education every day.
Published: 12-02-2020
Stephanie Snyder
2018 alumnae Stephanie Snyder had a hunch St. Elizabeth School of Nursing was the “one” when she learned about it at a college recruitment fair. Upon graduation, the Mid Atlantic resident returned home to be closer to family and provide care in the area she holds dear. Get to know the sweetly effervescent Stephanie, why she chose St. Elizabeth to launch her career and what’s next on her horizon.
Published: 10-20-2020
Shaun Chalfant
Shaun Chalfant, a 2013 St. Elizabeth School of Nursing alumnae, recently joined the medical staff at Franciscan Physician Network Family Medicine Ferry Street as a nurse practitioner in Lafayette. With a father who taught health classes at McCutcheon High School, perhaps a nursing career was always meant to be for this busy wife and mother. Get to know Shaun, what she loves about being a nurse and why she views failure in her life as a blessing in disguise.
Published: 10-06-2020
Debbie Riley
Countless alumni stories include students planning to study at one college or university, yet when introduced to St. Elizabeth School of Nursing’s program, everything changes. This experience rings true for alumnae, Debbie Riley.