Hannah Lewis

Name: Hannah Lewis

Company: Franciscan Health Lafayette East

Position: Clinical Resource Nurse

Graduation Year: 2011

Hometown: Medaryville, Indiana

Why did you become a nurse?

My interest started in a health occupation class in high school. I really enjoyed getting to see what healthcare looked like when I became a nursing assistant, and I loved interacting with patients and really being able to help them.

My passion for helping people is also why I choose to serve on the Communities of Interest Advisory Council. I've been serving on this council for a little over a year and in this position, I act as a representative from the hospital to be a liaison between the school and the hospital. It’s a great opportunity to learn what the school is doing and how they are doing it and it allows me to give and receive feedback on what we can do to better the learning experience for the students, ultimately resulting in better outcomes for the patients.

Why did you choose St. Elizabeth School of Nursing?

I remember Anita Reed coming to my high school and speaking about St. Elizabeth School of Nursing. I loved that clinicals started right away and that I could complete my degree in 3 years.

What is your fondest memory from nursing school? 

The best memory from nursing school was the mission trip to Haiti. The entire trip was life changing but my favorite part during my time there was getting to deliver a baby for the first time.

What advice would you give to a new nurse?

I would tell them to not get discouraged. It takes a long time for a new nurse to feel comfortable and to feel like they know what they are doing. I would encourage them to push through the hard parts. Eventually everything will start clicking and falling into place.

How did St. Elizabeth School of Nursing prepare you for your career?

Starting clinicals right away was a huge benefit and getting patient interactions from the beginning easily helped me prepare for how to work in hospital settings. Personally, seeing something happen in the hospital and then going to class and learning about it really helped everything click for me.

What was your first job in the field after you completed your degree?

I was a floor nurse at St. Elizabeth Central.

What do you like most about your current position?

I love being able to onboard new staff members. Getting to encourage them and watch them grow and mature as they move through positions is really rewarding.

What is the toughest part about being a nurse?

I’ve struggled with a lot of things as the years have gone on but seeing things that you cannot change is really hard. Having no control is a hard feeling to experience but you have to learn to just roll with it and adjust accordingly.

How do you see yourself through the lens of the school's mission: Continuing Christ's Healing Ministry?

It’s pretty easy for me, I’m a Christian and I’m involved in my church so I try to live out Christ’s mission every day. At the hospital, it’s easier to do that by caring for my patients and working hard to help them feel better.

What do you do when you are not at work?

I have a four year old, a two year old and one on the way so I’m very active with my kids. I love hanging out with my husband and our friends. We are also very active in our church.