Alumni Spotlight

Published: 09-25-2023
Kyra Betts
A passion for helping others is what often attracts people to a job in healthcare. Kyra Betts, MSN, CNM, planned to be a doctor until an experience as a patient herself made her realize how much more of a one-on-one relationship nurses have with patients. A true nurse at heart, she wanted to make a difference in the lives of patients not just medically but also personally. That is why she decided to switch up her plans and become a nursing student after graduating college—even though she’d spent most of her undergraduate career focused on pre-med courses and getting into medical school.
Published: 02-27-2023
Caitlin Sayers
St. Elizabeth School of Nursing prides itself on its curriculum, which applies real-world clinical knowledge early in the program. Many alumni, including Caitlin Sayers, BSN, RN, believe that is one of the reasons they succeed as nurses in the real world. Originally from Westport, Massachusetts, Caitlin graduated from St. Elizabeth School of Nursing in 2017. She currently works as a clinical nurse manager for Eskenazi Health in the Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center in Indianapolis. Caitlin not only credits St. Elizabeth School of Nursing for preparing her clinically, but she also says the school gave her a love of continuing education, and she is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, acute care track, at St. Mary’s College, with a graduation date of 2024. A DNP is the terminal degree in the study of nursing.
Published: 11-14-2022
Rachel Hewitt
For most, nursing is a calling. It is a career path that should not be chosen without serious consideration and passion. Most nurses realize they want to become a nurse either because of family members or friends who inspired them or because they have a personal experience that made them realize healthcare was their passion. For Rachel Hewitt, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-C, it was both. While inspired by her mother, a registered nurse, Rachel was on the path to becoming an elementary school teacher…until her grandmother fell ill, and she realized nursing was her true calling. Originally from Michigan City, Ind., Rachel received her diploma from St. Elizabeth School of Nursing and her Bachelor of Science in nursing from St. Joseph’s College in 2012. She went on to complete a Master of Science in nursing from Purdue University Global this year. She now works at Estep Family Medicine – a Unity Healthcare Partner as a family nurse practitioner in Lafayette, Ind.
Published: 06-01-2022
Shayna Phegley
For many, a nursing career provides a community—a community of alumni, fellow medical professionals, patients and even family who share the same career field. That couldn’t be truer for Shayna Phegley RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-C, and St. Elizabeth School of Nursing Alumna. Shayna grew up in Rensselaer, Ind., and, inspired by her mother, went to St. Elizabeth School of Nursing and graduated in December 2010. She would later return to school and receive her Master of Science in Nursing, specializing in primary care, from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2019. She currently works for Franciscan Physician Network Rensselaer Medical Center as a primary care provider nurse practitioner. Learn more about Shayna below!
Published: 02-01-2022
Regina Nuseibeh
Often in life we see things come full circle and think, what a small world this is. That certainly seems to be a theme with the subject of this Alumni Spotlight, Regina Nuseibeh MSN, RN AG CNS BC, TCRN. In this following interview, you’ll learn more about Regina and how she worked with someone who inspired her to pursue nursing and later helped to save the life of someone else who influenced her path.  Regina grew up not far from Lafayette, in Rensselaer, Indiana. After graduating from the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing in 1990, she went on to complete a Master of Science in Nursing as an Adult and Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis. She is board certified. This year, she became a Trauma Certified Registered Nurse. Regina is currently the manager of Trauma Services, interim manager of Emergency Services and EMS liaison at Franciscan Health Lafayette East. Learn more about this hardworking alumna in the interview below: 
Published: 11-17-2021
Russell Creel
There are many ways in which a person might realize they want to become a nurse. Sometimes it’s a desire they’ve had since childhood. Other times, it’s a personal experience where a nurse had such an impact on them that they wanted to do the same great work. For Russell W. Creel, NP-C, it was a combination of things, but largely, it was a calling from God. The mission of St. Elizabeth School of Nursing, “Continuing Christ’s healing ministry,” aligned with what Russell wanted to do with his life. After volunteering to help a child with disabilities, the nursing path became clear. He began to follow his new passion and a ministry about which he cared deeply. Russell graduated from St. Elizabeth School of Nursing in 2002. He went on to complete a Master of Science in Nursing from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2006. He currently lives in Merrill, Wisconsin and works for Logistics Health, Inc. Learn more about Russell below!
Published: 10-13-2021
Tori Wake
Tori Wake, RN, BSN, graduated from the St. Elizabeth School of Nursing only a short time ago in 2020. However, in the time since, she’s already using her education to make a big difference—including saving a life by trusting her gut.
Published: 09-28-2021
Jennifer Johns
The OB (Obstetrics) nurses who assisted me during the delivery of my son were so helpful and kind and really made an impression on me. They were also very informative and gave me all kinds of great advice as I entered that brand new stage of my life. When I started my nursing education, my original interest had been OB-centered. 
Published: 08-25-2021
Glenna & Kaitlyn Crouch
St. Elizabeth School of Nursing is well over a hundred years old at this point. It, and the Franciscan Alliance organization itself, was founded by six Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration who came to Lafayette, Ind. from Germany in 1875. Ever since their arrival, the school has passed down top-of-the-line education to generations of students—but that’s not the only thing that has been passed down. A deep love of St. Elizabeth School of Nursing has been known to be inherited by children of school alumni, creating family legacies of nursing students. One such legacy is a mother-daughter duo, Glenna and Kaitlyn Crouch. Glenna Crouch (Fraley), RN, from Lowell, Ind., graduated from St. Elizabeth School of Nursing in 1992. She remembers her hands-on education at the school fondly, inspiring her daughter, Kaitlyn Crouch, RN, (also from Lowell, Ind.) to follow in her footsteps.
Published: 05-14-2021
Kristen Louck
Kristen Louck, a 2018 St. Elizabeth School of Nursing alumnae, is a big believer in striving for excellence, community service and advocating for others. A former NICU RN in Lafayette, Kristen is currently studying for her master’s in nursing administration and is the mother of two teenagers. Get to know Kristen, her passion for healthy communities and what led her to answer the call to become a nurse.